Hi! I know you mostly do texts, but do you accept fanmade stuff?

I have this song I wrote for Mikasa and Eren, would it be okay if you shared it here?

AHHHH this is awesome!! really cool i love!!

silveroddball said: Hiya. I just wanted to say that your blog is one of the best I follow. You are amazing. And I was also wondering exactly how you do the messages? Like the technical side to it? Thanks and once again I love you. 😊💜

oh its easy i just use iphonetextgenerator.com/#!!! and thank you!!!

follow my main B)

Maybe he’s not blushing because Eren those are really bad

Jean you’re so funny and creative

i havent had requests in like ever send some in!!!


Quick notebook makeup test minus paint and contacts uau


Thank for the help guys I found some on Amazon for like £25 I’m gonna wait until those come back in stock!

SIGHS forever posting to the wrong blogs

guys do you know if its possible to buy like JUST the 3dmg straps and not any of the rest of the outfit? I don’t wanna spend more money than I have to 

five year olds.